Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why won't you believe

Stepping into Korea we found a world we have not known. The language the signage the social cues are all foreign. In Japan, when riding an escalator you stand on the left and allow others to pass on the right. In Korea there were no formal rules. The streets were like in the US drive on the right. The airport was very modern and then we drove south toward Osan. It was not like the TV series MASH that I grew up knowing. It is a beautiful country. In Osan, the buildings are many with high rises on every side. Yet as we got closer we noticed the area take a drastic turn and become seedy and run down. The streets had slum like conditions with open garbage dumped on the streets. Not in cans or bags. The buildings were stacked one on top of another with massive signage that made it confusing to know which sign belonged to which business. I noticed in the days that we were there the repetition of the businesses. A liquor store, a bar, a sports store, a gift shop repeat. There were many restaurants like BK-31 McD's, and Pizza shops. Once on base we entered another planet. The groomed grass parkways and organized streets with condominium like buildings for housing and offices gave way to a sprawling landscape out of a movie. It was another city within the city. We walked for 30 minutes before we got to the Commissary and food court. Beyond that we came upon the Schools. In that area was a fitness building with a gym that has two basketball courts back to back. This allowed the organizers to layout 5 wrestling rings end to end. 16 High school wrestling teams assembled for the three days of wrestling in multiple wrestling classes. Nathan wrestled in the 141 weight class. He place 4th out of 16. We praise God and thank him for the opportunity for Nathan to wrestle and enjoy the sport. I really am thankful that dispite the difficulties he stuck with it to the end. Each night we went with the wrestlers to dinner at various Korean restaurants. It was wonderful. The food was good and hot (spicy hot) but everyone had a good time.
    After the wrestling was over we had our last day to visit two friends from our kids school. The Korean government is very strict about what school the kids can attend. It is very difficult to go to an international school. So many families will relocate outside of the country and gain two years experience which earns them the right to attend an international school in Korea. The Kim family is a family of Doctors. The husband and kids are all Christians but the mom, who has attended church for 15 years has never given her heart to Christ. She knows the gospel and knows the consequences. Yet still she is playing with fire. I tried to politely pursuade her to reconsider. She politely declined. We talked on the way to the airport but she has her reasons. I told her I would pray for her as we love her and want to see her in Heaven with all her family. She thanked us. Please pray for Mrs. Kim. I really feel the wrestling was secondary to the primary mission God wanted us to plead with her soul to receive him. She is wrestling on the inside and she can't pin down what it is. Yet, she continues to grapple with God. May He prevail over her life and she surrenders to Him.
    On Tuesdays, I meet with other Calvary Pastors for breakfast and study. We have been almost a year in the book of Jeremiah. This week we were in Jeremiah 40.  It is so sad that though the people knew Jeremiahs prophecies and saw the fulfillment of it all they still refused to listen and though they were told to not got to Egypt they still went. How is it we as humans can ignore God's warnings? It seems unfathomable yet we all sin including me and we all disobey and stray. It is by grace that we are saved through faith and that not of yourselves. Oh that God would give to Kim san that saving faith to receive the grace he has for her. Love you all thank you for reading and praying.