Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter time exalt the Christ our Savior and King

Anemic Christians are anemic because they are never shown that the preeminence of Christ is the most important aspect of our faith. They don't learn that Christ came to earth as a seed of God placed in the womb of the virgin. They don't learn of "The Word", Christ, became flesh and dwelt among us. They don't learn that Christ purposefully died a brutal death. They don't learn that Christ being God although taking our sin into the death realm He could not stay dead as death has no grip on Him being God. They are not taught Christ rose to ascend to a much higher calling as a co-ruler with God the Father on the throne at the right hand. Christ is our personal advocate. Christ is our personal Savior. Christ is our King. Christ is our Lord and master. Christ justifies us. Christ purifies us. Christ sanctifies us. Christ holds us, He lifts us, He embraces us, He fills us, He overflows us with his love, He gives gifts to us, He has given us of His riches. He loves us, Oh how he loves us. Rise up and stand to applaud this Mighty King who deserves our glory and honor of Him. He deserves our praise. He deserves our attention, He deserves our Face time, He deserves our prayers, He deserves our respect and to stand for him, He deserves our voice to proclaim his truth. He deserves us to shout from the roof tops and mountain tops the glories of his name. Let's forget our troubles for a moment and let's look at the mightiest military commander in all the universe who is suited up and ready to mount to bring his people home. Ride Jesus Ride. YES and AMEN